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Hey Brian thanks for you question. Nearly everyone is using DSM freq. radios now which require no freq. clips and can be used with many other DSM radios in use at the same time. An entry level 3 channel pistol grip (Boater standard style) would be the Futaba 3PV 3-Channel FHSS System for about $119. Obviously you can get much higher end models with many other bells and whistles but you really don't need all that for a boat which is primary only 2 channels. It is best to use digital servos with these new digital radios though and make sure you use a good high torque rudder servo. Let me know if I can help you any further.

Jesse Lee
Voodoo Model Boat Club Treasurer
Voodoo Model Boat Club is proud to announce its selection to host the 2020 IMPBA Nitro Nationals which will be held in Reserve, Louisiana on April 2nd – 4th 2020. Reserve those dates on the calendar for the IMPBA Nitro Nationals and plan to come down and enjoy some New Orleans Hospitality mixed with awesome nitro boat racing in the fast waters of the world class Voodoo Racing Facility! The Voodoo facility has vast areas of pit space and parking for large trailers and motor homes with select low voltage and water hook ups. A Southern Louisiana food vendor will be onsite for breakfast and lunch daily offering a full menu with daily specials. The banquet for this event will be held at the facility Friday 4/3 following racing for the day and will offer a bounty of Southern Louisiana Crawfish boiled to perfection and other Louisiana cajun cuisine items. The event raffle will also be held during the banquet as well as the ever growing Voodoo Cornhole Championship (version CH3NO2 ) as the party continues after hours.

Classes offered:
B, D, E, F, F (Single Engine) and Multi Engine Hydro
B, D, E, F Mono
B, D, E-F Outboard Tunnel
B Sport Outboard Tunnel
Sport 20, Sport 40 and 1/8 Scale

Race entries taken on: www.racemastersevents.com Entry kickoff is Jan 4th at 10:00am (central)
* Location: 451 Airport Rd. Reserve La. 70084
* 250 boat limit with a minimum of 6 boats to make a class per IMPBA Nationals rule
* Shootout format with previous round finish determining the next round heats
* All classes will run each race day to complete the round before the next round begins
* Only the top 6 boats from each class advance to the final Shootout round 5
* Total points of all 5 rounds will determine the final finishing positions
* Driver’s meeting at 7:30am each day
* 2:30 minute Clock/Pit/Mill time will be used
* Lane is committed at buoy 6 of the 10 buoy course on final mill lap
* Awards will consist of a 1st place Nitro National Champion and 2nd-3rd place Nitro Nationals
*Awards ceremony will begin following completion of the event
* Event CD’s: Nick Hartdegen /Jesse Lee/ Others TBD
* Entry fee: $40 registration (banquet include) and $15 for each boat entered
* Entries MUST be paid via PayPal at the time of entry PayPal: Voodooboatclub@yahoo.com
* Entry refunds will not be given after March 1 2020
* Event T-Shirts are $20(S-XL) $22(XXL & larger) and can be pre-ordered by emailing size and quantities to jessemlee@bellsouth.net with limited quantities available for purchase at the event

Open Water: Tues 3/31/20 & Wed 4/1/20
Heat Racing: Thurs 4/2/20, Fri 4/3/20 & Sat 4/4/20

Hotel info:
Best Western Inn (Host Hotel $99 a night)
4289 Main St.
La Place, LA 70068

Holiday Inn Express ($109 a night)
4284 Hwy 51 (Exit 209 from I-10)
Laplace, LA 70068
I Jesse Lee will be running for re-election to the Treasurer position for 2020.
End of Year Club Mee ...
To all Voodoo current members and perspective new members. We will be holding our end of year meeting on December 8th at 10:30am at Sicily's Pizza located at 214 Belle Terre Blvd, Laplace, LA 70068. IT IS MANDATORY THAT YOU ATTEND THIS MEETING! If you are unable to attend you must notify one of the current club officers to let them know the reason you are unable to attend. We will be discussing old and new club business, selecting a racing schedule for 2020, as well as voting for the 2020 club officer positions. For anyone who is currently an officer as well as anyone interested in running for one of the five officer positions you must publicly state your intent to run for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, or Club Representative within two weeks of the December 8th elections on our voodoo website and/or Facebook page. We will also be renewing our yearly membership dues of $60 for 2020. If you haven't already, please go renew you IMPBA and/or NAMBA insurance for 2020 or you will not be listed as a current Voodoo member for 2020. You can save $10 on early renewals with IMPBA if done before 12/31/19.
Looking forward to seeing everyone on December 8th.
End of Year Club Mee ...
Here is the application for membership to The Voodoo Model Boat Club. Dues are $60 for the year and are prorated quarterly starting in March.
Dues can be paid by Cash, Check, or at www.PayPal.com as Friends/Family to voodooboatclub@yahoo.com.

Email your applications to jessemlee@bellsouth.net
All the fast electric classes will be running tomorrow only. All gas classes will run on Sat. & Sun.

2019 world champions ...
My family will attend with only JESSE & JACE eating crawfish.

Voodoo club members, and supporters !. This Sunday is the day we voted on at our meeting for our annual "Family Appreciation Day"...We would like to do a crawfish boil , for all to enjoy ! Bring the wives/girlfriends, and kids. Quinn Savoy has volunteered to be the boil-master. Of course, VMBC will be picking up the tab. Bring some boats, and whatever else ya'll would like. PLEASE post here for a head count, so we know how many sacks we'll need. Please bring your own chairs and refreshments. Everything else will be provided. Thanks gang !!

Hey Gang we will be having a pre-race work day on Sunday March 31st at the pond your presence is requested. It should not take us very long to do what needs to be done. After work is done then the pond will be open for testing, but there will be NO boat running until all the work is done. Please bring a weedeater if you can.

***2019 Mike Cantave ...
Bob is now out of the hospital. He made it back home on Monday afternoon.

Father in an acciden ...
Bob had his chest tube removed yesterday and is due to be released from the hospital today. Appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers.

Father in an acciden ...
Bob is doing better since his surgery. He is now out of the ICU and in a regular room 6347 in tower 3 now where he will stay for several days as he recovers.

Father in an acciden ...
Update...Bob is out of surgery with rib plates to repair his broken ribs. He has a chest tube draining the lung fluid which appears to be looking good and he is breathing on his own with no vent.

Father in an acciden ...
I am writing this to inform all of the Voodoo Family that my father Robert(Bob) Lee got into a accident on 2/16 Sat. afternoon on his motorcycle which only involved his motorcycle on I-10 near Williams. He is at University Hospital with 7 broken ribs, broken scapula, and a collapsed lung which he showed no breathing side affects of but Cat scan identified it. I saw him on Sat. afternoon and spoke with him. He had surgery today to repair the broken ribs and to have a chest tube put in for the lung issue. I have not been given any updates as of yet from the hospital on the result of the surgery. I will keep this post updated with any news. I ask that everyone keep him in your prayers as he recovers.

Father in an acciden ...
Please note that the date of the Voodoo Winter Warm Up Club Race has been changed from Jan. 27th to Jan. 26th to allow the Voodoo members who are entering the 2019 IMPBA Gas Nats to be at a computer on Jan. 27th at 9:00 am when entries open because this event will sell out very quickly.

Voodoo Winter Warm U ...
The Voodoo Model Boat Club will be honoring our late club founder Mike Cantavespri in proudly hosting the 6th Annual Mike Cantavepsri Memorial Shootout on April 6th & 7th 2019. Open water will begin on Friday April 5th 2019 with 24 hour access to the Voodoo facility. This race will be a NAMBA Sanctioned event offering classes for G27 (Any engine 27cc & under) and Open (Gas, Nitro, Electric) Mono, Cat, Sport Hydro, Rigger, & Tunnel as well as several specialty classes including Thunderboat, Stock Mono, Open Offshore, Crackerbox , & Twin Rigger. A full 2:00 mill time will be used with no half coarse milling allowed. Starting lanes will become committed after passing buoy #6 on final mill lap. Buoy cuts will incur a 50 point penalty for up to two consecutive cuts and a 1 lap penalty for 3 consecutive cuts. Shootout heat racing format will be used with only the first rounds being predetermined. Only the top 6 boats in each class will compete in the 5th round to determine overall finishing positions by the total accumulated points of all rounds. Awards will be given for 1st - 3rd places of classes having 8 or more boats and 1st place only with classes with less than 8 boats. If there is interest in adding a particular class or classes of electric or nitro with a minimum of 3 boats, we will add that class.

Voodoo has a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate language, arguing with calls made by the CD, or with any of their competitors. Violators will immediately receive a DQ for the heat of the offense. Repeat offenders will be suspended from any further racing for the remainder of the event.

Race entry taken on www.racemastersevents.com
Location: 451 Airport Rd. Reserve La. 70084
Entry fee: $20 for first boat entered and $10 for each additional boat
Payments will only be accepted at time of sign up on www.racemastersevents.com via PayPal to: Voodooboatclub@yahoo.com
Entry Deadline: March 31st 2019
NAMBA Single Event (SEI) MUST be completed prior to event at member.namba.com/index.php?page=sei
Race CD’s: Nick Hartdegen, Jesse Lee, Lance Ledet, Mel Landry, Roy Wilson

Racing Itinerary:
Fri. April 5th: Open Water
Sat. April 6th: Stock Mono, T-Boat, Crakerbox, Twin Rigger, (G27) Mono, Cat, Sp Hydro, & Rigger
Sun. April 7th Open Mono, Cat, Sport Hydro, Rigger, Offshore, & Open Tunnel

Hotel Info:
Best Western Inn: 4289 Main St. LaPlace, LA 70068 (985-651-4000) (Host Hotel $119 a night)

Quality Inn: 3900 Highway 51 LaPlace, LA 70068 (985-652-5544)

Days Inn: 3912 Highway 51 LaPlace, LA 70068 (985-652-1223)

Hampton Inn: 4288 Highway 51 LaPlace, LA 70068 (985-652-5002)

Holiday Inn Express: 4284 Highway 51 LaPlace, LA 70068 (985-618-1600)
***2019 Mike Cantave ...
Merry Christmas to all the Voodoo Family.

Merry Christmas
This is for all members of Voodoo for 2019.
Everyone needs to make sure they take care of their responsibilities with renewing or purchasing their IMPBA and/or NAMBA insurance for 2019 to fulfill their membership requirements of being a member of the Voodoo Model Boat Club. There are several existing members as well as new members that need to take care of this before end of 2018. Each member will be verified to be an current card holder of the IMPBA and/or NAMBA.

Just a reminder on the mandatory club meeting this Sunday at 10:30am.

2018 END OF YEAR MEE ...
Don I am going to give you both mine and Nick's contact info.

Jesse Lee 504-329-1825 jessemlee@bellsouth.net
Nick Hartdegen 225-461-9269 njhrecovery1@gmail.com
Fast Electric intere ...
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