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Want to Build A LSG rigger Hull from aircraft grade Birch ply its been about 30 years since I have built a outrigger.
Could anyone give me some pointers on which type of glue to use.
I was considering Titebond 3 waterproof or gorilla wood (non Foaming)waterproof wood glue vs. the CA. type of glues.
I think the wood glue would be stronger and more resistant to shock than the CA Type, also the hull will be epoxy sealed adding a little extra protection to the glue joint areas.
Any suggestions on what to use, and few pros and cons from one type glue to the other.
Thanks Brian
Anyone have or have ever had a aeromarine laminates CHAOS hydro.
I am thinking of purchasing one for a build and wondering if anyone has any experience with them.
would like to no how well the hull is built and how well they perform I like the style and would like more input on them. I have never seen one in person or at a race.
I have only found 3 images of them on internet. Please input any info you may have.
Thanks Jesse
You addressed some great info
I was leaning toward the Futaba 3pv, I like the idea it can work with a few different receiver options.
I raced years ago with the futaba magnum Jr. Great radio for its time.
I am currently working to get back into boat racing after finding out about Voodoo.
I have came out and watched a few of the races you have hosted and really had as much fun watching as I would have racing, you put on a great events, and the members make you feel like old longtime friends, I have a stryker F41 with a brushless system I'm working on. Hope to have it ready soon so I can come out and race with you guys.
I am retiring my outdated am and fm freq. radios.
Can anyone shoot some recommendations my way as to a good modern day radio for boat racing.
I'm looking for no more than 3ch a long radio range that I can run a full course on with no loss of signal.
Some extra model memory, and easy to tune while on water without having to take eyes off boat.
Please send me some Recomendations
Ok! Thanks Jessie
2019 world champions ...
What days will you be trying to run fast electric boats for the 2019 worlds championship I would like to come and watch them run mine is currently not ready as work has not allowed the time to get prepared. I have a strykerF41 setup for running in T Cat class
2019 world champions ...
Chad go to RCBOATWORKS WEBSITE they have just recently added there recommended setup for the F41 Stryker hull stay close to there dimensions and everything should work out great for you.
I run the same hull with a fast electric brushless setup in mine pushing 80MPH with no handling problems.
F41 Stryker cat
I don't think you should pursue this definitely sounds like a scam.
if you are interested in the boat you pictured my nephew purchased one at Christmas
from hobbyking usa it is a very nice boat they have it available in the large 1045mm length and smaller. the 1045mm can be had under $200 with motor or bare hull also available. they also have all parts available to upgrade this boat. It is a great entry level electric race boat I have added a link to there website they have multi usa locations and overseas.

london revier transp ...
Thanks Heavy D that sounds great will try to make it Saturday Hope to meet you there.
I Would like to come out and watch the races and bring a few family members. Is this race open to the public to come out and watch? If so what time do you start running and is there a admission fee to watch? Were thinking of getting back into racing its been a few years, were currently experimenting with brushless setups.
I have been recently viewing your web site and see no info posted on your site as dates or upcoming scheduled races at your facility,I live on the north shore and I'm currently finishing up a brushless catamaran oval race setup, Its been about 20 years since I've raced boats and looking to get back in to the sport. I'm currently not a member of any club or hold IMPBA or a NAMBA membership I Would like to come out as a spectator and bring a few others out to watch one of you events could you give me any info on this thanks BRIAN
races and spectators
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