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VOODOO MODEL BOAT CLUB BYLAWS 5 years, 11 months ago #9713

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VooDoo Model Boaters Official Club Bylaws

1. Purpose
The Voodoo Model Boaters, herein referred to as the VMB, was established to promote the hobby and fellowship of:
A. Racing radio controlled race-intended boats
B. Building radio controlled boats
C. Running radio controlled scale size boats
D. To promote safe, fun, family oriented radio controlled boating
E. To promote the hobby to the general public and increase membership F. This group will be a not for profit organization

2. Group/Club Definition
The VMB shall consist of modelers that intend to run and/or race remote control boats that are powered by gasoline, nitro-methane, or electric power sources and to promote remote control boating and the growth of the VMB organization.

3. Club Membership
A. Club membership is defined as anyone who has all membership qualifications in the VMB bylaws. VMB members are required to pay annual dues. VMB elected officers are granted membership for the term they serve for all the responsibilities required of the VMB officer position. The officer positions are voted on by the VMB membership in December of ever year at the end of the year VMB meeting. VMB officer positions require a minimum of 2 years club membership with VMB and must be a certified CD with IMPBA. Anyone wishing to become a VMB officer must be at least 21 years of age. Interest in running for any VMB officer position must be publicly announced to the current VMB membership at least two weeks prior to the election date. In the event an officer resigns there held position, they will not be eligible to run for any officer position for a minimum of 2 years.
B. VMB requires all its members be a current member with IMBPA (International Model Power Boat Association) or NAMBA (North American Model Boaters Association) for insurance coverage. All members must carry their VMB membership card and IMPBA/NAMBA cards on their person when running boats at club and/or sanctioned events held at VMB club facility. Newcomers to VMB or any non VMB club member will be granted three free days of running before club membership is required and are required to sign a guest form which will be publicly displayed at the VMB facility.

4. Sanctioning and Status
A. The VMB is required to seek and maintain sanction status by IMPBA and/or NAMBA or other sanctioning associations as appropriate if deemed necessary.
B. Only IMPBA/NAMBA legally sanctioned radio controlled boats may be driven on club pond. All other boats are not allowed and must be driven on non-club ponds at the risk of driver. When driving and or controlling a non-sanctioned IMPBA/NAMBA radio controlled boat on non-club waters, the VMB will not assume risk or responsibility in any way for any accident, claim or lean against said driver’s remote control boat.
All members shall follow said bylaws without exception.

5. Dues and Fees
A. As stated in Article 3, Members must pay annual dues to the VMB and maintain IMPBA/NAMBA insurance. Annual membership dues of $60.00 are due in December each year. Family membership is available for members who have a fully paid membership of $60 looking to add a family member for only $10 per family member who are over the age of 18 and reside in the same household. Children of any VMB member under the age of 18 are not required to pay VMB membership fees. The deadline for renewing membership dues will be last day of February for each calendar year. Individuals who have not paid their dues will not be allowed to run at the VMB facility nor be allowed in the pit area or in race pickup boat.
B. Any new member wishing to join VMB after the initial membership drive from December thru February will be required to pay dues on a prorated quarterly scale of $15 per quarter. Paid VMB members have all rights outlined in the bylaws and full use VMB facility.

6. Revenue
As stated in Article 1, the VMB is a not for profit organization.
The following regulations for revenue shall be followed without exception:
A. Any and all revenue generated by races and/or promotions will be used strictly for VMB expenses, facility improvements, or investments in necessary promotional materials and club equipment.
B. VMB club expenditures under $500 shall only require approval by the VMB club officers.
C. Any purchases and/or expenditures over the amount of $500.00 must receive a majority vote by all VMB members except for emergency situations.
D. Only the VMB Secretary/Treasurer may issue checks from VMB bank account, use VMB credit card, or have use of VMB PayPal account. E. VMB financial reports will be given by the Secretary/Treasurer at each club meeting or if requested by any member.

7. Membership Rights
Fully paid club members and/or family membership club members are allowed the following rights:
A. The right to be treated with dignity and common sportsman-like courtesy
B. The right to vote at VMB meetings and for annual officer elections (minimum age of 18 to vote)
C. The right to run and/or race their boats at private functions while adhering to VMB bylaws
D. The right to sponsor races, awards, and private functions
E. The right to participate in any club functions
F. The right to enjoy and have fun while at the VMB facility

8. Membership Requirements
A. Every member/prospective member is required to read VMB bylaws and sign a membership document that he/she has read, understands and will abide by club bylaws. Every member is required to re-read and sign bylaws when changes or additions are made to said bylaws. A Membership/Bylaw compliance form with member’s signature will be maintained on an annual basis by VMB Secretary.
B. Every member is required to attend VMB club meetings or give VMB officers adequate reason for not attending.
C. Every member is required to provide race-site/race-day(s) support of some kind for each major VMB racing event.
D. Every member is required to ACTIVELY participate on planned club work days. On planned work days, no boats are to be operated until planned work for that day has been completed or allowed by an attending VMB officer.
Any member in violation of said membership requirements automatically becomes subject to disciplinary action as set forth in Article 9 of bylaws.

9. Standards for Behavior
The following behaviors will not be advocated or condoned by the VMB: A. Excessive derogative & abusive language.
B. Use of profanity and/or vulgar language.
C. Belligerent degrading of the club, any of its members, racers, or spectators.
D. Practices deemed unsafe by IMPBA/NAMBA and VMB.
E. General flagrant bad attitude and unsportsmanlike attitude. Examples include but not limited to: throwing RC equipment, kicking or throwing of boats or personal equipment, mishandling of VMB equipment or facility, or cheating. F. Club website usage is to be kept positive at all times and should be related to R/C boating or club activities. Derogatory and harmful website postings determined by website administrators can result in disciplinary action and/or termination of membership after review from all VMB officers.

10. Disciplinary Action
Members who violate behavior standards as set forth in Article 9 of the bylaws will be subject to immediate or subsequent disciplinary action by the President of the VMB. In the case where President is not available this duty becomes the joint duty of the Vice-President and Secretary. In the case where an officer’s behavior is in question disciplinary action becomes the joint duty of all unaffected officer’s.
Disciplinary action and process is defined as:
A. Issuing a Red Flag Card to a member by the President. The Red Flag Card serves as a documented warning regarding the member’s non-compliance to behavior standards as defined in Article 9 of the VMB bylaws. Members who receive a Red Flag Card are fined one year’s membership fees. Fines not paid in full within thirty days of incident automatically disqualify membership.
B. Upon receiving a Red Flag Card, the member’s club status becomes subject to review by VMB officers for a 6 month probation period. If non-compliance to behavior standards persists member will be then subject to a vote of no confidence by all attending VMB members. A majority vote of no confidence by attending VMB members revokes the offender’s membership to the VMB for one year.
C. VMB officers reserve the right to hold an immediate all-attending member no confidence vote in cases of rare or extreme non-compliance to Article 9 of bylaws. In such cases, VMB membership may be revoked immediately and ejection from VMB club and site which can be permanent if determined so by all VMB officers.

11. Safety Standards
Refer to all IMPBA/NAMBA safety standards.

12. Race Standards
Refer to all IMPBA/NAMBA race standards.

13. A copy of the VMB bylaws must be publicly displayed at the VMB facility and on the VMB website. Any changes or amendments to the VMB bylaws must receive a majority vote at a scheduled club meeting by the attending VMB membership.

Revised 12/19/2016
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